IIE Executive Education Series: Real Women in Leadership

International Institute of Entrepreneurship

09:00AM Wednesday 12th December 2018

664 Collins Street, Docklands
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Karen’s ‘Real Women’ programs take women in leadership from exhausted to influential, guarded to authentically confident and powerful without apology. Elevating their holistic vitality and feeling of connection at the same time.

She does this through her bespoke coaching and group programs that deepen self-awareness, and provide practical frameworks and resources to transform results and relationships.

Leading with authentic power and vision by greater reliance upon your EQ over IQ patterns. This workshop is specifically for women wanting to expand their options for leadership.

In this full day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Lead with authentic power and show up with inner confidence in all situations
  • Engage and influence others through the clarity of your vision
  • Shift familiar and stubborn thoughts and beliefs that hold you back
  • Initiate and navigate difficult conversations with a calm certainty
  • Avoid career burnout using the ‘I AM Wheel’ to bring focus and balance to your holistic well-being

Included in this program is a 1 hour follow up coaching call with Karen 2 weeks post workshop, to support implementation of learnings and tools.

Karen Williams

Karen has been helping women navigate the challenges of life, leadership and love for over 18 years.  She has worked with hundreds of women from over 60 organisations across industry, supporting them to embody their confidence, passion and wisdom for greater vitality and deeper influence.

Karen shares her Real Women Framework and Manifesto for interrupting the pendulum swing – our self-imposed trap between trying to control everyone and everything, to the opposite extreme of giving in and pleasing everyone else first. 

Karen’s work cuts through the noise in our minds and helps women break through what’s really in the way – fear of standing out, and our resistance to the very thing we want most - connection.  Learning how to set and honour healthy boundaries, how to respond when changing priorities challenges others, and confronting the gaps in our self-responsibility allow women to be the powerful and magnetic leaders and lovers they were born to be.

As a coach, trainer, writer and speaker, Karen’s style is honest, brave, real and enlightening.  People appreciate her incomparable insightfulness, positive energy, practical application and outcome focus.  Karen has the ability to make a tough topic, "being human", fresh, fun and impactful, leaving audiences awake, alive, expanded and ready to take new and inspired action.

Visit Karen’s website here.


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