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Executive Education

Real Women in Entrepreneurship


Confidence.  Belief.  Passion.  Connection.  Wellbeing.

Women are working longer than ever to achieve more, keep up with demands and expectations, prove themselves, feel deservedly recognised, experience success in their workplaces and fulfilment at home. 

But we are our own worst enemies. 

For lack of an established alternative, women have long adopted a model of leadership that keeps their IQs over-active and their EQs under-utilised.  It is a model that doesn’t overtly embrace the innate feminine abilities of connection, engagement, compassion and intuition.  Women who desire to lead, learn that these qualities are less valued and in the process of denying them can unconsciously develop patterns of dominating, analysing, controlling, or the opposite of submitting, minimising and avoiding.  Neither satisfying nor a true reflection of their rich capability and capacity for leadership.

For women to lead and influence in a way that is healthy, sustainable and feels fulfilling they must learn how to continually nourish and support their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Then give themselves permission to do so.  When women lead through embodying all of their gifts and qualities, their energy, confidence and personal power expand, as do the trust, productivity and innovation of those they lead.

It’s time for women to learn that they can lead and succeed from a holistic and authentically powerful place that nourishes as well as elevates. The two, contrary to what we have learned, are not mutually exclusive.


1. Real Women in Entrepreneurship: 1 day workshop

In this full day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Lead with authentic power and show up with inner confidence in all situations
  • Engage and influence others through the clarity of your vision
  • Shift familiar and stubborn thoughts and beliefs that hold you back
  • Initiate and navigate difficult conversations with a calm certainty
  • Avoid career burnout using the ‘I AM Wheel’ to bring focus and balance to your holistic well-being

Included in this program is a 1 hour follow up coaching call with Karen 2 weeks post workshop, to support implementation of learnings and tools.

2. Real Women in Entrepreneurship: 6 month immersion

This is a 6-month immersion program that steps through the 6 essential leadership elements for women to lead healthy, successful, fulfilling professional and personal lives.

From participating in and completing the work of this program, women have:

  • Removed themselves from the all-consuming day to day detail and evolved into the strategic, purpose-inspired leaders their organisations needed them to be
  • Created empowered, accountable, solution focused teams
  • Alchemised their dominating, sometimes intimidating, energy that could alienate people, into natural charisma that now inspires
  • Dropped the ‘people pleasing’ façade they once let choke their ideas and stepped into their full power and presence
  • Stopped hiding behind fears and justifications, found their true voice and embraced opportunities with self-acceptance and trust
  • Clarified their personal values, gained certainty of their personal brand, enhanced their own visibility and presence in their network
  • Become focused on their holistic wellbeing, made important changes to their lifestyle and found a connection with their sensitivity and creativity that enriched and enlivened all areas of their lives

The 6 month initiative includes:

  • 6 x 1 day workshops
  • 4 x individual coaching sessions
  • 2 x group zoom sessions
  • Pre-work, behavioural profiling, on-line learning, tools, resources and activities
  • Mentor (from participants’ organisation) feedback and input to goals
  • Follow up workshop 3 months post completion of program (half day)

Program modules:

  • Module 1: First Leading Self
  • Module 2: Holistic Leadership – Engaging Healthy Energies to Lead
  • Module 3: Creating Community through Connection and Collaboration
  • Module 4: Elevating Performance with Clear Strategy
  • Module 5: Leading Others with Intention, Alignment and Momentum
  • Module 6: Living a Life of Contribution
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Karen’s experience and expertise brings together a unique combination of leading, managing and developing teams in the business and corporate worlds, and facilitating legal processes designed to resolve conflict and restore relationships. For over 15 years Karen has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach, empowering people to break through their limits to achieve unexpected success while enjoying deeper fulfilment, freedom and connection.

Karen’s passion is to support leaders to create environments where people thrive through personal leadership and self-responsibility, courageous conversations and a shared passion for an inspired vision.

The breadth of Karen’s career has seen her work with over 50 organisations, including national and global businesses, government departments and small business operations. Karen’s work speaks to the heart of what it is to be human, the strengths, the flaws, the frustrations and the exciting opportunities for learning and growth.

Many leaders in business struggle to invest time in their people who are:

  • Stuck in the day to day miniature of management
  • Dealing with an overload of conflicting priorities
  • Challenged by difficult conversations with different personalities
  • Not confident in managing up or across
  • Told to get more done with less
  • Uncertain how to collaborate across business functions effectively.

When business builds a steady rhythm of momentum in the right direction through the increased focus, engagement and performance of their people, leaders are free to elevate their thinking to the innovation and growth essential to remain competitive.

Visit Karen’s website here.



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