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Sales leadership and management is the most underdeveloped area of business leadership. Most sales leaders come direct from the sales field and are giving very little, if any, training and coaching to be effective sales leaders. They are expected to know how to lead and manage a sales team from day one, however selling and leading are not the same at all. Many would be sales leaders fall into the trap of becoming 'super salespeople' taking over sales calls and telling salespeople to 'be like me' creating confusion and unhealthy sales environments filled with ego and internal competition.

Sue Barrett will lead this initiative designed for CEOs, Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, people moving into sales management roles anyone who wants to understand who want to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest in sales leadership and management strategies and best practice. The program provides leaders with access to a Complete Purposeful Sales System that includes a sales management system underpinned by core principles, framework, models, skills, tools, templates and processes helping:

  • Create highly productive sales teams who sell better, at healthier margins with less risk of failure
  • Sales leaders make more informed decisions about how to lead and manage your sales team and operations
  • CEOs build client centric, team based business cultures that attract and retain more of the clients and employees you want

*Each of these initiatives will be delivered in conjunction with key professional partners and staff of Pitcher Partners.



1. Creating a Sales Leadership & Management Framework and a Purposeful Sales System: 1 day workshop

  • Selling Better in a 21st century world
  • The Sales Leadership Framework
  • 8 Functions of Sales Leadership and Management
  • Recognise and develop your strengths
  • Core Competencies Exercise for sales leadership and management
  • Communicating with Confidence and Influence as a sales leader
  • The case for sales strategy
  • Linking Business Strategy to Sales Strategy
  • Introduction to Sales Strategy & Operations Model
  • What and how are you selling?
  • 20th versus 21st Century Strategy
  • Selling Better Quadrants
  • Your Sales Leadership Promise
  • Your Sales Mission

This workshop is for CEOs, Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, people moving into sales management roles and anyone who wants to understand the principles of sales leadership and management.

Available as a Public Program or in-house with company leadership teams.

2. Sales Management Essentials

Sales Management Essentials provides Sales Leaders with a sales leadership managementsystem and protocols that includes core principles, skills, tools, templates, processes and models needed to lead and inspire dynamic and highly productive sales teams.

  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Account Mapping & Territory Planning
  • Sales Recruitment & Selection
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Financials
  • Sales Leadership & Teamwork
  • Sales Culture Transformation
  • Sales Leader as CEO

Bespoke programs on specific topics are available for in-house company delivery.



Sue Barrett

Sue lives by the philosophy that ‘selling is everyone’s business and everyone lives by selling something.

Sue and her team were the first in Australia to get selling a university qualification, build an online Sales Strategy and Operations Audit System that benchmarks the effectiveness of any sales operation, and build the world’s first sales competency dictionary.

Sue is a Sales Philosopher, Activist, Strategist, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Adviser and is regarded as one of the most authoritative thought leaders reporting on and working in the selling profession in Australia today with articles featuring weekly in SmartCompany, and regularly in BRW and IPA’s magazine The Public Accountant, with a growing following overseas.

She has written more than 600 blog posts and 21 e-books on sales philosophy, ethics & culture, sales strategy & operations, sales leadership and coaching, sales methodologies & excellence, sales training strategies including blended and e-learning, sales recruitment, assessment and benchmarking, sales mindset, resilience and neuroscience.

Sue was inducted into the Business Women’s Hall of Fame 2000, a Finalist in 1998 & 2001 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award and 1997 Winner of Telstra & Victorian Government Small Business Award.Sue’s education & public accomplishments include: BSc, Cert (Strategic Mgt), Cert IV (Workplace Assessor & Trainer); Accd. Executive Coach.

Find out more about Sue Barrett here.



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