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Executive Education

Think Like an Entrepreneur



Everyone falls into the trap at some point, where they are mired in the day to day, the urgent but not important and even incremental progress feels laboured.

This program is designed and delivered by Grant Downie, to provide current and aspiring CEOs with a reinvigorating refresher on being entrepreneurial. A provocative and explicit reminder of what’s important for the individual and their business.

*Each of these initiatives will be delivered in conjunction with key professional partners and staff of Pitcher Partners



Think Like an Entrepreneur: 2 day workshop

This is a 2 day workshop, with follow up coaching to look at a specific entrepreneurial challenge for each company:

  • A fresh reflection on ‘what is our value proposition?’
  • A reminder of ‘who our customers are’
  • A commercial assessment of performance, including profitability, return on investment and potential for scale
  • A review of tools to help ensure alignment to corporate strategy and the construction of compelling business cases, including the Business Model Canvas and System Dynamics

The program is a practical melding of classic corporate approaches and start-up methods, to provide leaders with a framework to constructively challenge for growth and commercial improvement.

Grant Downie will offer this as a 2 day workshop with Customer Discovery interviews being held on the second morning and follow up coaching related to a company specific project.

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After a career with some of Australia’s largest corporates, Telstra, Ansett and Mobil Oil, Grant first set up as an independent adviser in 2007. As well as strategy, business model and org design work, he stagesentrepreneurial and startup events and programs.

He has a practical emphasis and works with companies of all sizes, not for profits and government as well as startups.

Grant has lectured at or collaborated with learning institutions including University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School, La Trobe, Swinburne and Victoria Universities, and RMIT. Through international collaboration partnerships, heidentified andbrought both Launch48, a weekend business launch format, and the Startup Leadership Program, to Australia.

Grant has an MBA from Mt Eliza/ Melbourne Business School, a B Eng(Hons) from the University of Melbourne, is a graduate member at the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has been a professional member at the Australian Human Resources Institute.



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