What is the International Institute of Entrepreneurship?



Who we are

The International Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) is established by Pitcher Partners, a firm known nationally for its strategic insight and advisory services to middle market firms, not for profits and government agencies alike.

The core objective of the IIE is to accelerate entrepreneurial and innovative thinking within professional service firms and middle market clients.

Empowering Entrepreneurship

It takes entrepreneurial skills and innovation to be successful in highly competitive and disrupted business environments. No professional firm, middle market business or even government agency - including local government - is immune from disruption.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to turn ideas into actions, commercial outcomes, and community impact. With the right mindset, drive, and motivation, anyone can do it. The IIE provides the opportunity to uncover the full entrepreneurial potential of your staff and assets by providing you with access to each of the functions below.

Skills and capabilities

We provide you with:

  • a broad range of skills and capabilities for responding to these disruptions
  • accredited and non-accredited education initiatives
  • cross disciplinary professional study teams
  • study tours of international best practice firms
  • the opportunity to engage with other outstanding entrepreneurs
  • learning that’s ready when you are

Thought leadership inspires entrepreneurship

Innovation is central to entrepreneurship and the sustainability of middle market firms.

The IIE is a centre of excellence for:

  • middle market thought leadership and research
  • entrepreneurial thought, learning, skills and techniques
  • networks and connections

The IIE offers a range of initiatives for business and not-for-profit executives, and government officials to develop innovative and entrepreneurial mind-sets and learn the ‘how to’ of entrepreneurship together.

Learning that's ready when you are

Our programs utilise:

  • webinars, podcasts and other support resources
  • accredited research, reports and articles

Networking events

We build linkages and networks through:

  • ‘Lunch with an Entrepreneur’ and other series
  • our unique, current Australia-specific case studies
  • our network of like-minded organisations providing thought leadership

Our Partners