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09:30AM Friday 18th October 2019

664 Collins Street, Docklands
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Karen‘Real Women: Bold Leadership programs take women in leadership and management from hiding and doubting to leading and influencing through evolving their inner confidence, elevating their awareness and self-responsibility and expanding their courage.

Through her bespoke individual and group coaching programs, Karen supports women to speak with influence, hold people accountable in ways that build trust and engagement, and empower others to collaborate effectively.

Participants will learn new frameworks, gain powerful insights and receive practical tools and resources to enhance professional relationships and transform individual and team results.

This 1 day workshop is for women who want to enhance their ability to lead and influence through improved communication, negotiation, presentation and leadership skills.

In this full day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Lead with authentic power and show up with inner confidence in all situations

  • Engage and influence others through the clarity of your communication

  • Initiate and navigate difficult conversations with a calm certainty

  • Shift familiar and stubborn thoughts and beliefs that hold you back

  • Remain present and empowered in any room with any audience.


As a value-add to this program, Karen has included a one-hour follow up coaching call two weeks post-workshop to support implementation of learnings and tools.


PRESENTER: Karen Williams

Karen has been helping women navigate the challenges of leadership, life and love for nearly 20 years. She has worked with hundreds of women from over 60 organisations across industry, supporting them to embody their confidence, passion and wisdom for deeper influence and greater vitality.

Karen shares her Real Women Framework and Manifesto for interrupting the pendulum swing – our self-imposed trap where we swing back and forth between trying to control everyone and everything, to the opposite extreme of giving in and pleasing everyone else first.

Karen’s work cuts through the noise in our minds and helps women break through what’s really in the way - the fear of standing out and being judged, the fear of speaking up and getting it wrong and the need to wait to improve in one more area before we put ourselves forward for a new opportunity.

As a coach, trainer, speaker and writer, Karen’s style is honest, brave, real and enlightening. People appreciate her incomparable insightfulness, positive energy, practical application and outcome focus.

Learn more about Karen at karenwilliams.com


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