DOWNLOAD | Wealth management in times of robo: Towards hybrid human-machine interactions

Download originally featured on SSRN 6 February 2018, written October 31, 2017

Dimitrios Salampasis - Swinburne Business School, Swinburne University of Technology

Anne-Laure Mention - RMIT University - Faculty of Business; Singapore University of Social Sciences; Tampere University of Technology

Alexander O Kaiser - Swinburne Universityy of Technology / AGSE Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship; Haute école de gestion (HEG) de Fribourg


Breakthrough technological developments are grounded to disruptive business models that are leading foundational changes within the financial services industry. In this frame of reference, wealth management is experiencing transformational forces reaching the fundamental core function of the business, redefining existing narratives and practices. Advisory services in management wealth are deeply embedded within a human-to-human interaction and robo-advising is going to augment the existing value chain leading to the creation of a hybrid advisory model for complex investment portfolios. Therefore, the fundamental question is not about ‘either or’ but ‘together for’…

Download the full report here.

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