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Executive Education

Designing Your Horizon



Transitioning a business for succession and your own exit as a key shareholder requires strategic foresight and thorough planning.

This Program is designed by Andrew Gresswell to help participants identify all issues and implement clear strategies structures, processes and expectations to help current closely held and family business Owner's, families and executive teams prepare and maximize preferred outcomes as the business transitions to new ownership.

The program takes core concepts of wealth management, governance, business strategy and organisational design, to ensure participants get the best out of the business and personal wealth they have amassed.

*Each of these initiatives will be delivered in conjunction with key professional partners and staff of Pitcher Partners



Three optional initiatives are offered:

1. Roadmap to your Horizon: 1 day workshop

Outlining the key strategies, steps and processes to be considered when transitioning closely held businesses.

2. Designing your Horizon: 10 half-day workshops over 7 months

  • Foundations for getting clarity on your why, your goals and directing them to your preferred succession and exit roadmap
  • Identifying and clarifying your vision, values and charter
  • Leading change – for you and your team
  • Managing and organising individuals and teams through transition
  • Identifying and planning for all the legal matters related to transitioning your business and your wealth
  • Identifying your distributed wealth and where you want it to end up
  • Assessing the value of your business operations
  • Identifying key business strategic planning matters you should have on your succession roadmap.

3. Execute for your Horizon

Bespoke initiative based on the 'Designing your Horizon' initiative above with additional workshops, consulting and coaching delivered internally to your business as required with the Pitcher Partners Consulting Team and targeted for specific results.




Andrew has a great passion for getting outstanding results in complex business environments. As a strategist, management educator, mentor and facilitator, he works with business owners and their teams designing and facilitating strategic change educational programs.

Andrew is the Founder and Director of specialist succession education firm OpesMax, Founder and Director of an SME mentoring and training company and is currently a Founder in a technology startup targeting huge disruption in trades-based industries. He is an internationally recognised specialist in innovative business thinking and process and has provided educational support to hundreds of businesses across most industries.

As CEO of an industry association with the industry undergoing massive change, Andrew provides strategic direction to the industry and has played a crucial role getting the industry’s voice heard with key stakeholders including ministers of the current government, government bodies and regulators. His specialist skills in eliciting diverse and conflicting expectations of stakeholders then negotiating workable solutions for all has seen net improvements of key stakeholder positions including very significant improvements for industry.

Andrew holds a Master of Business Administration from Melbourne Business School, specialising in strategy and organisational change.

Visit OpesMax website here.



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