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Developing a Sustainable Culture of Innovation



Innovation is more than just a brainstorm or a lesson in creative thinking. Innovation is about understanding your users͛ needs and problems both now and in the future, and translating this knowledge into a solution that will add value to their lives and your organisation.

Fortunately, the act of innovating is a process that can be learnt by anybody and embedded into every organisation.

G2 Innovation use a combination of dynamic and immersive presentations with practical activities and frameworks to train individuals and teams to take a user-centric, design-led approach to innovation.

G2 is an Innovation and Design Thinking Training Firm working with clients across the globe to drive innovation, develop skills and support business growth.

Design Thinking (also known as human-centred design) allows professionals from every industry to embrace problems and create solutions that are user-centric in design and effective in implementation. It encourages you to dig deeper, ask the difficult questions, and go beyond the obvious to understand the real challenge to be solved. It is an approach that always puts the user at the centre, and uses tactics such as empathy, rapid ideation, low fidelity prototyping and testing to develop and implement ideas that create impact.

It doesn't matter whether you want to develop a new product, service or customer experience, or do something less tangible like improve systems, processes or your workplace culture. If you have problems to solve, then Design Thinking is the process you need.



1. Developing a Sustainable Culture of Innovation:

½ - 1 day Inspire workshop ͚Inspire͛ workshop on the fundamentals of Design Thinking, Creativity and the process of Innovation.

This One-Day Workshop will provide you with the fundamentals of Design Thinking, along with a range of take-away tools for practical implementation. You'll have the opportunity to apply your learning to real problems, and be guided in each exercise by a world-class expert in human-centred design. By the end of the day, you''ll not only have discovered the What and Why of Design Thinking, you''ll have learnt and actioned the How, ensuring that your experience is both enlightening and constructive.

2. Developing a Sustainable Culture of Innovation: 3 day Mastery Workshop

Mastery͛ workshop that delves deeper into Design Thinking as well as Insight and Stimulus Training, User Scenario Analysis, Trend Forecasting, Ideation and Selection.

Using a combination of proven research, case studies, tools and techniques, this workshop is full of insight into what it takes to be successful at innovation, as well as the practical tools to make it a reality.

3. Developing a Sustainable Culture of Innovation: 10 day Embedded Program

Embed͛ program on building a Culture of Innovation, embedding an effective Innovation Strategy, Portfolio and Process grounded in commercial acumen.




Andrew believes that the future is there to be made, not feared. He is unerringly passionate about innovation and its integral link to value creation and growth and is dedicated to training people to innovate. As an innovation speaker, coach and facilitator, he trains and supports senior leaders, teams and entire organisations in the mindsets and skill-sets to innovate and create meaningful cultural change.

Andrew is a Co-Founder of G2 Innovation (est. 2009), an innovation training and coaching firm working with clients across the globe to embed and drive innovation for growth.  

Andrew has spent 20 years working with a range of companies, including successful collaborations with brands such as Parker Pen, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nurofen, Scholl, Gaviscon, as well as many SMEs.

Trained as an Industrial Design Engineer, Andrew has a Master of Science in Applied Mechatronics.



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