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Executive Education

Governing and Leading Executive Teams



The central source of ideas and direction for a mid-sized company is the board and the executive team. The three key issues that enable this group to function well are:

  • Clear definition of all top roles
  • Board / Executive interactions
  • Building talent for the future

The initiative is designed and delivered by Sean Spence. Participants will be helped to create structures, processes and expectations that help the Board and executive team perform better individually and together.

The initiative uses proven tools to improve governance, executive effectiveness, executive team performance, strategy design and use of talent. The intent is to ensure participants get the best out of their top-tier talent.

The approach is interactive, both with the facilitator and each other, working on real-life issues in real time, leading to identifiable outcomes by the end of the program.

This initiative is vital for you if you’re planning:

  • a major new venture or contract
  • a disruptive strategic response to changing market conditions
  • the introduction of an innovation strategy within your firm or entering new markets or
  • merely wanting to make sure that you, your executive and your Board are all on the same page
  • to get the top team aligned around major challenges
  • to introduce a new team
  • bringing together a merged team
  • when there has been a significant new hire

*Each of these initiatives will be delivered in conjunction with key professional partners and staff of Pitcher Partners



1. Governance and Leadership: 1 day workshop

This full day workshop will give participants:

  • A clear set of prioritised strategic aims that are the joint responsibility of the Board (or its equivalent) and the CEOs executive team
  • Practical steps to change the working of Board and Executive team to get the biggest impact on the organisation
  • A cohort of like-minded leaders with whom to develop ideas and share best practice

The workshop also includes a one-hour follow-up session with Sean Spence to identify the next steps for the Chair and the CEO to ensure the workshop leads to progress for the organisation. There will be preparatory work.

2. Governance and Leadership: 6 month main program

  • 6 x 1 day workshops
  • 6 x individual focus sessions with Sean Spence
  • 2 x group online action and outcome sessions
  • Online resources,
  • Worksheets, templates and practical tools.
  • An intensive 2-hour support, refocus and planning session within six months of completion of the program

The program is structured around three objectives:

  • 1.Learn: Expand knowledge of Governance and leadership ideas as they apply to the participants.
  • 2.Develop: Create actions for the Board and Executive to enhance their impact and achievement of specific organisational goals.
  • 3.Apply: Accelerate the impact of participants͛ initiatives through projects in their organisations, peer mentoring and practical tools.

Each one-day workshop will be designed to produce progress on all three objectives. The focus of the overall program will be on helping participants implement initiatives that directly advance their top priority objectives.

Because Board level initiatives are strategic, the follow-up session can take place at a time best suited to the participants and their Board and executive timeframes, but within six months of the end of the program. This will be focused on locking in the initiatives taken and planning to ensure long-term outcomes from the program.

Sean Spence


Sean loves being a confidant to the C-suite and particularly relishes finding that inner fire that makes them excel as leaders. As an executive coach, Sean helps organisations through focusing on key individuals, and assists them to clarify their role in relation to others in the Executive and Board.

As founder and Director of Sean Spence & Associates (est. 1999), Sean supports companies to develop deeper capabilities to thrive in the next phase of the global economy with a focus on building resilience and taking strong action.

Sean has been coaching senior executives to maximise their impact for most of his career. This means helping them to get the right role, using his proprietary approach to career strategy, succeeding fast and growing in the role. He has consulted to a wide range of organisations, from multi-nationals to boutique businesses, and both executive teams and individuals in many different roles.

Sean has qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy, socio-analysis, governance and creative processes. He is a past Fellow of the AICD. He has a Master of Physics from Oxford University.



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